Several years have been elapsed since S&S TECH was established with the great goal of localization of Blank mask, the key material of semiconductor. In past few years, S&S TECH has been certified as the representative enterprise in the Blankmask market and had self-conceit that this is the result of efforts came from every individual of our staffs.

With great attentions from world leading semiconductor companies for our strong technology, we have been succeeded in manufacturing and developing new product.
We received orders from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Germany and USA followed by the qualification by not only domestic companies such as Samsung but also overseas leading companies .

As a pioneer of the Blankmask business in Korea, S&S TECH became trustworthy Blankmask manufacture follow of business foundation- foreign capital attraction, factory construction and product development. We've also succeeded in production of not only the small Blankmask but also the large Blankmask and try to accelerate the increasing in sales of the Blankmask . S&S TECH promises to be the world best Blankmask manufacturer to fulfill the customer's expectations by focusing on supply of product and service in better quality.

To do so, although a back runner in semiconductor market, S&S TECH is devoting itself to developing products that meet the customer's various requirements, corresponding in rapid changed in Semiconductor market. .

Moreover, S&S TECH will provide the finest, quality-guaranteed Blankmask which is the most important matter in material industry of semiconductor.. We hope that even small part of our efforts can increase sales in business and contribute to development of national economy and furthermore, in national competitiveness by succeed in localization of Blankmask in which the whole quantity is relied on imports from Japan today.

Despite we have had some difficulties such as raising oil price and falling exchange rates , all staffs of S&S TECH do our best to build a backbone to overcome any obstacles with the minds of "Cash fluid emphasized management" and "Constant quality management" and furthermore to actualize "Economies of scale" by meeting planned sales and profits simultaneously.

We promise to be a sound enterprise to provide "High Quality" for our customers and "Profit maximization" for shareholders. We will be the biggest and the best Blankmask manufacturer with our positiveness and unlimited potential of growth in the world.

We truly appreciate our staffs, customers and shareholders who always give us the full trust. Please keep paying attention with kind interest and warmhearted to S&S TECH. Hope your domestic bliss with the grace of god.