New equipment, processes, materials and etc. which can realize under 32nm beyond grade critical dimension are demanded to manufacture highly efficient semiconductor element and resolution in lithography process must be improved to embody semiconductor technology as mentioned above.
Research and development for photomask that is essential material for lithography process must be preceded to realize resolution enhancement technique, so blankmask which is core and essential material of photomask must be investigated and developed.
The whole quantity of blankmask has been imported from Japan and Europe and most from Japan. Accordingly, S&S TECH has started research and development to target for localization of blankmask from 2001 finished development and research for blankmask background with superior manpower who gained abundant experience with semiconductor element and photomask company on June 2002 S&S TECH is supplying blankmask to home and foreign semiconductor and photomask company with quality approval.

Quartz Substrate : New Material
Cr Layer : Thinner Thickness and New material
Resist Coating : Thinner Thickness and New Resist
S&S TECH is steadily recruiting manpower and investing daringly for the goal of blankmask localization and conducting national policy task with approval in technology from government and continuously progressing research and development for next generation blankmask and S&S TECH will do our best to play an important role of the global technology leading company.